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Info About the Images at Spanky

The images at SPANKY come from a variety of sources.   Many I have created myself, but others I have gathered from diverse locations on the Internet.   The image directories usually contain an index file or short document containing attributions.   If it is not there or an image reference is missing in the index, it just means I do not remember where the image came from.   If it is yours, please feel free to email me and I will add your name.   Spanky's root image directory [pub.fractals.images] can be reached from here.

The fractal images found here in the [pub.fractals.images.noel] directory were created by me using the FRACTINT formula system.   I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Stone Soup Group who put togetherFRACTINT for donating their time and programming skills in creating such a wonderfully versatile fractal generator.   The formulae I used in the creation of these images are from a series of fractal formula that I have been exploring which I refer to as Inductive Fractals.   There will soon be an HTML document here on this subject.   Look at the page on The Quartet Fractal to get an idea of what I am talking about.   There are also the mini-series found in [], which contain some scaled down versions of my favourites, and the [pub.fractals.images.big] directory which contains oversized 2048 x 1536 pixel renditions.   The "BIG" series can be very large (in excess of 3 megabytes for a few), so download them only if you really want to see that fine fractal detail and can handle the resolution.   Anything that I have created recently, usually spends some time in a separate directory until I have decided what to do with it.   There is also a directory where I keep any [NEW] Mandelbrots and Julia's that I have created.   Some of them have rather unusual initializations and mappings.   My images and formulae can be freely distributed, but I would appreciate a reference tag.   This is especially true if it is published in any way.   Money is always a nice gesture at times like that, or at least a copy or two for posterity.

The wonderful Mandelbrot images found under the [pub.fractals.images.mandel] directory were created by Uwe Krueger at University of Karlsruhe in Germany using the Mandtool program developed there.

The fractals in the [pub.fractals.images.others] directory are those that I have archived from the newsgroup.   I have not spoken to the posters on the subject of reuse, but I am sure they would feel as I do.   Their names are given in the index file in that directory.

Other image directories contain submissions from individuals who I thought had something unique to offer or are reserved for specific fractal types such as IFS or Lyapunov fractals.

I have tried to avoid storing anything that was copyrighted such as software or images where the poster claimed an exclusive right of any kind.   If you see something here that is yours and you do not want it here, then please email me and I will remove it.   This is not a complete archive or is it intended to be.   I do not see all the images posted and I only keep the ones I like, so I am sorry if I have overlooked some of your favourites.
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