Fractint has been ported to Unix to run under X Windows. This version is called "Xfractint". Xfractint may be obtained by anonymous ftp. See Distribution of Fractint.

Xfractint is still under development and is not as reliable as the IBM PC version.

Contact Tim Wegner at twegner@phoenix.net or Tim_Wegner@compuserve.com for more information on Xfractint.

Xfractint is a straight port of the IBM PC version. Thus, it uses the IBM user interface. If you do not have function keys, or Xfractint does not accept them from your keyboard, use the following key mappings:

       IBM             Unix
       F1 to F10       Shift-1 to Shift-0
       INSERT          I
       DELETE          D
       PAGE_UP         U
       PAGE_DOWN       N
       LEFT_ARROW      H
       RIGHT_ARROW     L
       UP_ARROW        K
       DOWN_ARROW      J
       HOME            O
       END             E
       CTL_PLUS        }
       CTL_MINUS       {

Xfractint takes the following options:

Puts the image on the root window.
Uses a faster drawing technique.
Uses disk video.
-geometry WxH[{+-X}{+-Y}]
Changes the geometry of the image window.
-display displayname
Specifies the X11 display to use.
Allocates the entire colormap (i.e. more colors).
Shares the current colormap.
-fixcolors n
Uses only n colors.
Prevents xfractint from hanging on the title page with slow displays.
Uses simpler keyboard handling, which makes debugging easier.

Common problems:

If you get the message "Couldn't find fractint.hlp", you can:

a) Do "setenv FRACTDIR /foo", replacing /foo with the directory containing fractint.hlp.

b) Run xfractint from the directory containing fractint.hlp, or

c) Copy fractint.hlp to /usr/local/bin/X11/fractint

If you get the message "Invalid help signature", the problem is due to byteorder. You are probably using a Sun help file on a Dec machine or vice versa.

If Xfractint doesn't accept input, try typing into both the graphics window and the text window. On some systems, only one of these works.

If you are using Openwindows and can't get Xfractint to accept input, add to your .Xdefaults file:

OpenWindows.FocusLenience: True

If you cannot view the GIFs that Xfractint creates, the problem is that Xfractint creates GIF89a format and your viewer probably only handles GIF87a format. Run "xfractint gif87a=y" to produce GIF87a format.

Because many shifted characters are used to simulate IBM keys, you can't enter capitalized filenames.

Fractal Types

A list of the fractal types and their mathematics can be found in the Summary of Fractal Types . Some notes about how Fractint calculates them are in "A Little Code" in "Fractals and the PC". Fractint starts by default with the Mandelbrot set. You can change that by using the command-line argument "TYPE=" followed by one of the fractal type names, or by using the [T] command and selecting the type - if parameters are needed, you will be prompted for them.

In the text that follows, due to the limitations of the ASCII character set, "a*b" means "a times b", and "a^b" means "a to the power b".

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