This is a stub that we (and you!) use for trying out new fractal types. "Type=test" fractals make use of Fractint's structure and features for whatever code is in the routine 'testpt()' (located in the small source file TESTPT.C) to determine the color of a particular pixel.

If you have a favorite fractal type that you believe would fit nicely into Fractint, just rewrite the C function in TESTPT.C (or use the prototype function there, which is a simple M-set implementation) with an algorithm that computes a color based on a point in the complex plane.

After you get it working, send your code to one of the authors and we might just add it to the next release of Fractint, with full credit to you. Our criteria are: 1) an interesting image and 2) a formula significantly different from types already supported. (Bribery may also work. THIS author is completely honest, but I don't trust those other guys.) Be sure to include an explanation of your algorithm and the parameters supported, preferably formatted as you see here to simplify folding it into the documentation.

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