Rossler Attractors

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This fractal is named after the German Otto Rossler, a non-practicing medical doctor who approached chaos with a bemusedly philosophical attitude. He would see strange attractors as philosophical objects. His fractal namesake looks like a band of ribbon with a fold in it. All we can say is we used the same calculus-teacher-defeating trick of multiplying the equations by "dt" to solve the differential equation and generate the orbit. This time we will skip straight to the orbit generator - if you followed what we did above with type Lorenz you can easily reverse engineer the differential equations.

               xnew = x - y*dt -   z*dt
               ynew = y + x*dt + a*y*dt
               znew = z + b*dt + x*z*dt - c*z*dt

Default parameters are dt = .04, a = .2, b = .2, c = 5.7

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