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Appendix D:   Other Fractal Products

(Forgive us, but we just have to begin this section with a plug for our fractal products even though the books are now out of print and hard to find ...)

Several of FractInt's programmers have written books about fractals, FractInt, and Winfract (the Windows version of FractInt).   The book about FractInt is Fractal Creations Second Edition (1994 Waite Group Press, ISBN # 1-878739-34-4).   The book about Winfract is The Waite Group's Fractals for Windows (1992 Waite Group Press, ISBN # 1-878739-25-5).   These books are now very hard to find, so if you see one, better get it!

Fractal Creations Second Edition includes:

Several FractInt enthusiasts are selling Fractal CDs.   Two of the best are called "Fractal Dimensions" by Lee Skinner, and "Fractography" by Caren Park.   Highly recommended original artwork in a variety of graphics formats.   You can receive the "Fractal Dimensions CD" by sending $29.95 US + $5.00 S&H (or $10.00 S&H outside USA) to:

	Lee H. Skinner
        P. O. Box 14944
        Albuquerque, NM  87191-4944
This CD is in html format.   Another CD by Lee Skinner is "Visions 6: Super Fractals".   This CD is $39.95 US (plus $5.00 S&H) and is available from:

	Walnut Creek CDROM 1537 
	Palos Verdes Mall, 
	Suite 260 Walnut Creek,
	CA 94596

and the "Fractography" CD by sending $30.00 US + $5.00 S&H (in US/Canada) to:

     Lost and Found Books
     485 Front Street N, Suite A
     Issaquah, WA 98027-2900

Michael Peters and Randall Scott have written a fractal program called HOP based on the Martin orbit fractals.   This program is much narrower than FractInt in the kind of thing that it does, but has many more animation effects and makes a great screen saver.   Michael sent us the algorithms for the chip, quadruptwo, and threeply fractal types to give us a taste.   The file is called HOPZIP.EXE in LIB 3 of CompuServe's GRAPHDEV forum.

Michael has also written a handy utility called PARTOBAT which creates a batch file for generating all the images in a FractInt PAR file.

George Martin has written a useful formula file organizing program, distributed as ORGFRM.ZIP which also includes a comprehensive collection of formulas.   More than 15,000 formulas written by FractInt users are included in the compilation, arranged alphabetically by name, and with the original source file shown in each formula by comment, making the compilation an encyclopedia of formulas written for FractInt.   The most recent version of ORGFRM.ZIP is available at the CompuServe site, and at Noel Giffin's web page described in the next paragraph.   The package includes a utility program, orgfrm.exe, which copies the formulas of ".frm" files into the compilation, skipping those formulas which are already included in the compilation.   Formula writers are urged to consult this compilation in order to avoid giving a new formula an existing formula name.   George can be reached at [76440,1143], or <>.

Paul N. Lee <> took over the organization of the original orgfrm files back in July 2000, and maintains a more complete and up-to-date collection at his ORGFORM Compilation web page.

Robin Bussell has knocked together a windows front end for FractInt that makes rendering images from par information recieved in email a simple operation.   Download it for free from or check compuserve for

Noel Giffin <> maintains a terrific web page for FractInt and fractals in general at   Highly recommended.   His pages on arbitrary precision gleaned from sci.fractals and corresponence are required reading.

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