Printer Parameters


Defines your printer setup. The SSTOOLS.INI file is a REAL handy place to put this option, so that it's available whenever you have that sudden, irresistible urge for hard copy.

Printer types:



Serial printer port initialization. Port=1,2,3,etc. Baud=115,150,300,600,1200,2400,4800,9600 Options: 7,8 | 1,2 | e,n,o (any order). Example: comport=1/9600/n81 for COM1 set to 9600, no parity, 8 bits per character, 1 stop bit.

Specifies the control characters to emit at end of each line: carriage return and linefeed, just linefeed, or just carriage return. The default is crlf.

If specified, title information is added to printouts.

Causes output data for the printer to be written to the named file on disk instead of to a printer port. The filename is incremented by 1 each time an image is printed - e.g. if the name is FRAC01.PRN, the second print operation writes to FRAC02.PRN, etc. Existing files are not overwritten - if the file exists, the filename is incremented to a new name.

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