Plotter Parameters

Plotters which understand HP-GL commands are supported. To use a plotter, draw a SMALL image (32x20 or 64x40) using the [v]iew screen options. Put a red pen in the first holder in the plotter, green in the second, blue in the third. Now press [P] to start plotting. Now get a cup of coffee... or two... or three. It'll take a while to plot. Experiment with different resolutions, plot areas, plotstyles, and even change pens to create weird-colored images.

0: 3 parallel lines (red/green/blue) are drawn for each pixel, arranged like "///". Each bar is scaled according to the intensity of the corresponding color in the pixel. Using different pen colors (e.g. blue, green, violet) can come out nicely. The trick is to not tell anyone what color the bars are supposed to represent and they will accept these plotted colors because they do look nice...

1: Same as 0, but the lines are also twisted. This removes some of the 'order' of the image which is a nice effect. It also leaves more whitespace making the image much lighter, but colors such as yellow are actually visible.

2: Color lines are at the same angle and overlap each other. This type has the most whitespace. Quality improves as you increase the number of pixels squeezed into the same size on the plotter.

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