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Palette Maps

If you have a VGA, MCGA, Super-VGA, 8514/A, XGA, TARGA, or TARGA+ video adapter, you can save and restore color palettes for use with any image.   To load a palette onto an existing image, use the [L] command in color-cycling or palette-editing mode.   To save a palette, use the [S] command in those modes.   To change the default palette for an entire run, use the command line "map=" parameter.

The default filetype for color-map files is ".MAP".

These color-maps are ASCII text files set up as a series of RGB triplet values (one triplet per line, encoded as the red, green, and blue [RGB] components of the color).

Note that .MAP file color values are in GIF format - values go from 0 (low) to 255 (high), so for a VGA adapter they get divided by 4 before being stuffed into the VGA's Video-DAC registers (so '6' and '7' end up referring to the same color value).

Fractint is distributed with some sample .MAP files:

ALTERN.MAPthe famous "Peterson-Vigneau Pseudo-Grey Scale"
BLUES.MAPfor rainy days, by Daniel Egnor
CHROMA.MAPgeneral purpose, chromatic
DEFAULT.MAPthe VGA start-up values
FIRESTRM.MAPgeneral purpose, muted fire colors
Lee Crocker's responses to ALTERN.MAP
GLASSES1.MAPused with 3d glasses modes
GLASSES2.MAPused with 3d glasses modes
GREEN.MAPshaded green
GREY.MAPanother grey variant
GRID.MAPfor stereo surface grid images
HEADACHE.MAPmajor stripes, by D. Egnor (try cycling and hitting [2])
LANDSCAP.MAPGuruka Singh Khalsa's favorite map for plasma "landscapes"
NEON.MAPa flashy map, by Daniel Egnor
PAINTJET.MAPhigh resolution mode PaintJet colors
ROYAL.MAPthe royal purple, by Daniel Egnor
TOPO.MAPMonte Davis's contribution to full color terrain
VOLCANO.MAPan explosion of lava, by Daniel Egnor

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