PaintJet Parameters

Note that the pixels printed by the PaintJet are square. Thus, a printout of an image created in a video mode with a 4:3 pixel ratio (such as 640x480 or 800x600) will come out matching the screen; other modes (such as 320x200) will come out stretched.

Black and white images, or images using the 8 high resolution PaintJet colors, come out very nicely. Some images using the full spectrum of PaintJet colors are very nice, some are disappointing.

When 180 dots per inch is selected (in PRINTER= command), high resolution 8 color printing is done. When 90 dpi is selected, low resolution printing using the full 330 dithered color palette is done. In both cases, Fractint starts by finding the nearest color supported by the PaintJet for each color in your image. The translation is then displayed (unless the current display mode is disk video). This display *should* be a fairly good match to what will be printed - it won't be perfect most of the time but should give some idea of how the output will look. At this point you can [Enter] to go ahead and print, [Esc] to cancel, or [k] to cancel and keep the adjusted colors.

Note that you can use the color map PAINTJET.MAP to create images which use the 8 high resolution colors available on the PaintJet. Also, two high-resolution disk video modes are available for creating full page images.

If you find that the preview image seems very wrong (doesn't match what actually gets printed) or think that Fractint could be doing a better job of picking PaintJet colors to match your image's colors, you can try playing with the following parameter. Fair warning: this is a very tricky business and you may find it a very frustrating business trying to get it right.


(The parameter name is not appropriate - we appropriated a PostScript parameter for double duty here.) This separately sets the "gamma" adjustment for each of the red, green, and blue color components. Think of "gamma" as being like the contrast adjustment on your screen. Higher gamma values for all three components results in colors with more contrast being produced on the printer. Since each color component can have its gamma separately adjusted, you can change the resulting color mix subtly (or drastically!) Each gamma value entered has one implied decimal digit. The default is "halftone=21/19/16", for red 2.1, green 1.9, and blue 1.6. (A note from Pieter Branderhorst: I wrote this stuff to come out reasonably on my monitor/printer. I'm a bit suspicious of the guns on my monitor; if the colors seem ridiculously wrong on your system you might start by trying halftone=17/17/17.)

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