Appendix F
Other Programs

FDESIGN, by Doug Nelson (CIS ID 70431,3374) - a freeware IFS fractal generator available from CompuServe in DIGART LIB 9, and probably on your local BBS. This program requires a VGA adapter and a Microsoft- compatible mouse, and a floating point coprocessor is highly recommended. It generates IFS fractals in a *much* more intuitive fashion than Fractint. It can also (beginning with version 3.0) save its IFS formulas in Fractint-style .IFS files.

Download FDESIGN from Spanky.

BRAZIL Fractal Generator by David CHARDONNET - A freeware IFS fractal generator and animator for Windows 95 and Win/NT 4.0 shares common fractal description language for sharing fractals between fractint and this program. It can be downloaded from his website:

FRACTINT SCREEN SAVER by Thore Berntsen. This freeware screen saver works with Fractint. Check this out at:
The following pieces of software are pretty old now, but for now these references are still here. Winfract is based on on old version of Fractint and is no longer maintained.

WINFRACT. Bert Tyler has ported Fractint to run under Windows 3. The same underlying code is used, with a Windows user interface. Winfract has almost all the functionality of Fractint - the biggest difference is the absence of a zillion weird video modes. Fractint for DOS will continue to be the definitive version. Winfract is available from CompuServe in DIGART LIB 9, as WINFRA.ZIP (executable) and WINSRC.ZIP (source).

PICLAB, by Lee Crocker - a freeware image manipulation utility available from CompuServe in PICS Lib 10, as PICLAB.EXE. PICLAB can do very sophisticated resizing and color manipulation of GIF and TGA files. It can be used to reduce 24 bit TGA files generated with the Fractint "lightname" option to GIF files.

ACROSPIN, by David Parker - An inexpensive commercial program that reads an object definition file and creates images that can be rapidly rotated in three dimensions. The Fractint "orbitsave=yes" option creates files that this program can read for orbit-type fractals and IFS fractals Contact:

	fax: (217)384-7043

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