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The generating formula here is identical to that for newtbasin , but the coloring scheme is different. Pixels are colored not according to the root that would be "converged on" if you started using Newton's formula from that point, but according to the iteration when the value is close to a root. For example, if the calculations for a particular pixel converge to the 7th root on the 23rd iteration, NEWTBASIN will color that pixel using color #7, but NEWTON will color it using color #23.

If you have a 256-color mode, use it: the effects can be much livelier than those you get with type=newtbasin, and color cycling becomes, like, downright cosmic. If your "corners" choice is symmetrical, Fractint exploits the symmetry for faster display.

The applicable "params=" values are the same as newtbasin. Try "params=4." Other values are 3 through 10. 8 has twice the symmetry and is faster. As with newtbasin, an FPU helps.

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