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Please enter the Mandelbrot Fractal Zone where parameters for thousands of Mandelbrot set and Misiurewicz image parameter files.   These are used with Fractint.

Visit my Remote Fractal Zone featuring the exact time and more interesting fractal material.   Included are fractal programs, the latest on the Mandelbrot set area and thousands (more) of image parameters.
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1998 Fractal-Art '98 Contest

Voting closed, September 27, 1998

Last Year's Fractint Image Contest: Nov 5 - Dec 5, 1997

The Fractint Contest images are now viewable.  Get the pars only ZIP file.   There are 49 sets of 3 images.   12/07/1997

The Fractint Image Contest Web Page Construction Kit

Get your 'don't try this at home, boys and girls' but you will anyway The Fractint Image Contest Web Page Construction Kit now. UPDATED12/7/97   It is a ZIP file only about 87K which when dumped out in a brand new subdirectory off your Fractint directory will let you set up your own copy of my Contest page off line!   Use this command to unzip:  PKUNZIP -d CONTEST and to find out how to set up your kit, load and read the Readme.htm into your browser.

Fractal of the Night, updated nightly (almost)

Follow the adventures of Dr. J, the Mad Scientist in Fractal Space.

Links and goodies from Fractint gurus

What do the Fractint gurus have to say about inFrequently Asked Questions? UPDATED 01/09/1999

Here are Fractint Resources.

Jonathan's Fractal-Art Links: URLs from the Fractal-art list.

The sci.fractals FAQ (new address)

Kerry Mitchell frm/par files   Paul Carlson frm/par files   Lee Skinner frm/par

Paul Carlson's addgifs.zip "The program combines two 256-color GIF files of the same resolution and outputs a 24-bit PNG, JPEG or BMP file."

More fractal materials are at Spanky. The Fractint email list  archive.

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