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Presented for your convenience, a collection of articles and essays posted to the Fractint email list organized by Tim Wegner, a Fractint author.   I have gathered these articles because they are excellent and need to be easily accessible b members of the list.   If you have suggestions for articles which should be included, please let me know.

Here are some for starters, Julia Sets, Orbits and Siegel disks.

Pointers for Deep Zooming into the Feigenbaum point.   The FOTD 27-01 (String of Bays) view of the Fiegenbaum point region.

What is the Farey series by Kerry Mitchell?

Jay Hill discusses Field Lines, Binary and Trinary Decomposition.

Is it a geometry thing? Or Trig? Paul Derbyshire says it is Calculus.

Jack Valero explains his SSTOOLS.INI file.

What about fractal encryption?

Jay tells about early deep zooming.

Paul Derbyshire discusses Liouville Julia sets, Distance Estimator for any function, Determining if Two Points Hit The Same Attractor or Siegel Disks Too, and Generalized MandelJulia types.

And what about copyrights?   The Fractint discussion list had a useful exchange on Copyrights collected by Linda Allison.   In a follow up exchange (23 Oct 1998), Paul N. Lee pointed us to a helpful web site.

Where are some resources for Fractint users? UPDATED 99 Jan 9

How do we copy and paste pars and frm from email to Fractint and how do we make pars in the first place?

I'd like to try disabling the Geocities JavaScripts - I don't however - run IE4; I'm using Netscape 3.0.   Is there still a way?

Jim, how do we use your fractal formula (multirot-xy-zw)?