Getting FractInt

There are many ways to get the FractInt program.   The easiest way for you may be right here.   Click on the high-lighted text or button to retrieve the latest DOS version of FractInt.

The latest release is FractInt version 20.4.   Warning!   Clicking on this text button will start a 1.21 megabyte file transfer.   Yes, this is where you get the latest executable version of the program.   It is an upgrade on the 19.6 release, with several patches along the way.

A version for MS Windows 3.x is also available.   Be aware that the Windows version is not updated with the DOS version.   The good news is that the DOS version of FractInt runs quite well under WIN95.   If you really want the windows version then there are some minor differences between the DOS and Windows version that you should be aware of.   The most significant may be that the windows version does not contain the deepzooming features of the latest DOS version.   Here is the executable version of FractInt for Windows code version 20.04.09.

The SOURCE CODE for both the DOS FractInt 20.4 version and the MS windows Winfract 20.04.09 version are also freely available.   FractInt will compile with a few different compilers.

The Stone Soup Group has also decided to make public their latest developer version for anyone who wants to see what they are up to and to help debug.   This is an update on the DOS FractInt version 20.4 and contains an executable image.   All guarantees are off.

FractInt under Unix   There are two ports of FractInt to the Unix/xwindow environment.   Ken Shirriff has made an X window port of FractInt.   It is the most compatible version and faithfully reproduces all FractInt's keyboard commands.   The most recent version is XFractInt Version 3.10 and is compatible with FractInt version 20.0 including the deepzooming and arbitrary precision math.   See the separate page on XFractInt to get a better understanding of that implementation.

Scott D. Boyd has built a precompiled version of XFractInt 3.11 that runs under Linux.   This compiled package has been tested and known to run on Linux-Mandrake 6.1, kernel 2.2.13, Xfree86 3.3.5, with KDE 1.1.2.

Darryl House has created a full X/motif multi-windowed version of FractInt Called XMFRACT that is currently compatible with FractInt version 18.2.   It gives up a little in compatibility with FractInt and it requires the motif libraries to build properly, but it makes up for this with a nice graphical user interface.   Darryl put a lot of effort into making it as much like FractInt as he could and still benefit from the extra utility the motif graphical environment can give.   It has many nice features that you won't find elsewhere.   It will build and execute on many unix platforms.   The current version is Xmfract version 1.4.   You may want to look at the readme file or download the latest distribution kit.

FractInt in Fragments

If you are having trouble downloading FractInt from any site due to timeouts or for other reasons due to it's large file size, Robin Bussell in the UK has a webpage where you can download FractInt in small segments and then patch it back together with a batchfile to get a self extracting Zip file of the latest FractInt Release.

Other Ways To Get FractInt

New versions of FractInt are uploaded to the CompuServe network, and make their way to other systems from that point.   FractInt is available as two self-extracting archive files - FRAINT.EXE (executable & documentation) and FRASRC.EXE (source code).

The latest version can always be found in one of CompuServe's GO GRAPHICS forums.   The GO GRAPHICS staff have provided the alias GO FRACTAL, which currently points to GO DIGART, therefore you should always be able to find us using GO FRACTAL.   FractInt is located in the "FractInt Sources" library 9.

If you're not a CompuServe subscriber, but wish to get more information about CompuServe and its graphics forums, feel free to call their 800 number (800-848-8199) and ask for operator number 229.

If you don't have access to CompuServe, many other sites tend to carry these files shortly after their initial release (although sometimes using different naming conventions).   Look for (executable package) and (source), where XXX is the release number.   Major releases with two digit numbers have names such as and

On the Internet, try the Noel Giffin's Spanky Fractal Database.   Using a Web browser, go to where XXX is the release number.

Via FTP, login to as ANONYMOUS, and change directories to [pub.fractals.programs.ibmpc], then download   (The directory syntax is in VAX format.)

The X Windows port of FractInt was written by Ken Shirriff and is available via FTP from*, although this may not be up to date.   You can find the latest copy at where xxx is the XFractInt release number.   The X Windows port of FractInt maintained by Ken Shirriff is available via FTP from*.   You can also find the latest copy at   The port of FractInt to XFractInt usually follows a new FractInt version by several months.

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