Using Fractint for DOS under Win95

I queried the users of the Fractint email listserver about the optimum settings for running Fractint for DOS under the WIN95 environment and got several responses. If you are having trouble getting Fractint to perform properly using Win95 then you might check these recommended settings.

Jay Hill wrote:

For starters, make sure the DOS window properties are set to 'Misc | Always suspend' = off." Unless you want the task to stop when it does not have focus. Also, you can put the Idle Sensitivity to high. Make settings on any other DOS windows you have open according to what they should be (or what you prefer).

If your DOS window is full screen, press Alt-Enter to make it a Window window. Then click on the MSDOS icon in the upper left. WARNING, don't do this in a high res graphics mode or in text mode (sometimes). The safest is F3 320x200 graphics mode. Windows likes that mode. If you have a high res image, hit 'X' to get the text screen and then Alt-ENTER to get the DOS Windows window... POW...your task will likely die. So ... don't do that:

Some DOS programs eat up to 50% or 80% CPU time just sitting watching for key strokes. Clearly, these should be suspended when they don't have the focus. A simple DOS prompt, I have found, eats little time.

Some web pages eat lots of time (watching prompt boxes) while others eat little (plain text or graphics with no links).

It has been noted here before, you can make a shortcut to Fractint.exe and tailor its properties. I use in the program tab: command line:

D:\FRACTINT.196\FRACTINT.EXE textsafe=save sound=off.

Under the screen tab: Usage: Full screen.
Under Misc: Allow screen saver=off.

You should coordinate your DOS windows according to what you are doing. I often change the settings for a short time, just to do some other task.

Some windows programs have adjustable priorities. Consult their docs. For example, the great prime number search program PRIME95 can be run with -P2 option. This makes it run at near the bottom of priority.

Damien M. Jones wrote:

This is what works for me. Your mileage may vary.

Create a shortcut to FRACTINT.EXE, right-click it, choose Properties.

On the Memory tab: set all five drop-downs to "Auto".

On the Screen tab: choose Full-screen and Fast ROM emulation, leave Dynamic memory allocation OFF.

Under the Misc tab: turn OFF Allow screen saver. Turn ON Always suspend. Set the Idle sensitivity to about 1/4, closest to Low.

In the SSTOOLS.INI file, put textsafe=save on a line by itself in the [fractint] section. (This helps preserve your screen when you switch away from FractInt, but only works if Always suspend is turned ON.)

Having more than 8M of RAM helps too, that way Windows and FractInt aren't fighting over the same memory.

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