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Welcome to the FRACTINT Fractal Gallery

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FractInt is a great tool, whether your looking for new and unusual chaotic anomalies or creating interesting and visually stimulating works of art.   It can be used for either, and in the best cases, both of these purposes.   I am gathering a collection of fractals from various sources that demonstrate the infinite range and variations produced by this fantastic piece of software.   If you have created a fractal that you think meets these criteria and feel it deserves to be displayed alongside those already here than email me and I will let you know how to submit material for consideration.   If it utilizes some new technique, represents a new type of fractal, or if I just find it artistically pleasing, I will include it here.   Please bear with me if I do not respond immediately.   I have a lot going on these days.

To start things off, I have asked several well known fractal artists for permission to include their work here.   It will give everyone some ideas and set the standard for what I am looking for.   I would like to thank Lee Skinner and his group of contributing artists for allowing me to reproduce a selection from his "Fractal Frenzy I & II" CD-Rom series.   Lee generously sent me the collection when I asked him about material for a possible contribution.

The contributing "Fractal Frenzy" artists are:
Other FractInt contributing artists:
FractInt artists pages around the Internet:   (If you have your own web page/s dedicated to images created with FractInt, and want it listed here, then send your URL to

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