File Parameters

In Fractint you can use various filename variables to specify files, set default directories, or both. For example, in the SAVENAME description below, [name] can be a filename, a directory name, or a fully qualified pathname plus filename. You can specify default directories using these variables in your SSTOOLS.INI file.


Set the filename to use when you [S]ave a screen. The default filename is FRACT001. The .GIF extension is optional (Example: SAVENAME=myfile)


Sets the savename overwrite flag (default is 'no'). If 'yes', saved files will over-write existing files from previous sessions; otherwise the automatic incrementing of FRACTnnn.GIF will find the first unused filename.


Tells Fractint to automatically do a save every nnn minutes while a calculation is in progress. This is mainly useful with long batches - see Batch Mode .


Backward-compatibility switch to force creation of GIF files in the GIF87a format. As of version 14, Fractint defaults to the new GIF89a format which permits storage of fractal information within the format. GIF87a=YES is only needed if you wish to view Fractint images with a GIF decoder that cannot accept the newer format. See GIF Save File Format.


Dither a color file into two colors for display on a b/w display. This give a poor-quality display of gray levels. Note that if you have a 2- color display, you can create a 256-color gif with disk video and then read it back in dithered.


Specifies the default parameter file to be used by the [@] (or [2]) and [B] commands. If not specified, the default is FRACTINT.PAR.


Specifies the formula file for type=formula fractals (default is FRACTINT.FRM). Handy if you want to generate one of these fractal types in batch mode.


Specifies the default L-System file for type=lsystem fractals (if not FRACTINT.L).


Specifies the default file for type=ifs fractals (default is FRACTINT.IFS).


Sets the default file extension used for the [r] command. When this parameter is omitted, the default file mask shows .GIF and .POT files. You might want to specify this parameter and the SAVENAME= parameter in your SSTOOLS.INI file if you keep your fractal images separate from other .GIF files by using a different suffix for them.


Causes the file ORBITS.RAW to be opened and the points generated by orbit fractals or IFS fractals to be saved in a raw format. This file can be read by the Acrospin program which can rotate and scale the image rapidly in response to cursor-key commands. The filename ORBITS.RAW is fixed and will be overwritten each time a new fractal is generated with this option. (see Barnsley IFS Fractals Orbit Fractals and Acrospin );

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