Doodad Parameters

Selects a compressed relationship between escape-time iterations and palette colors. See "Logarithmic Palettes and Color Ranges" for details.

Forces the use of the on-the-fly routine or the logarithm table for the calculation of log palettes. Not normally needed.

Specifies ranges of escape-time iteration counts to be mapped to each color number. See "Logarithmic Palettes and Color Ranges" for details.

A nonzero value in the first parameter enables the distance estimator method. The second parameter specifies the "width factor", defaults to 71. See "Distance Estimator Method" for details.

Invokes the corresponding decomposition coloring scheme. See Decomposition for details.

Turn on biomorph option; set affected pixels to color nnn. See Biomorphs for details.

Enables the "continuous potential" coloring mode for all fractal types except plasma clouds, attractor types such as lorenz, and IFS. The four arguments define the maximum color value, the slope of the potential curve, the modulus "bailout" value, and whether 16 bit values are to be calculated. Example: "POTENTIAL=240/2000/40/16bit". The Mandelbrot and Julia types ignore the modulus bailout value and use their own hardwired value of 4.0 instead. See Continuous Potential for details.

Turns on inversion. The parameters are radius of inversion, x-coordinate of center, and y-coordinate of center. -1 as the first parameter sets the radius to 1/6 the smaller screen dimension; no x/y parameters defaults to center of screen. The values are displayed with the [Tab] command. See Inversion for details.

Another option to show coloring inside some Julia "lakes" to show escape time to finite attractors. Works with lambda, magnet types, and possibly others. See Finite Attractors for more information.

This option forces Fractint to bypass the final "are you sure?" exit screen when the ESCAPE key is pressed from the main image-generation screen. Added at the request of Ward Christensen. It's his funeral <grin>.

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