Debug Flags

This list complete as of version 19. None of these are necessarily supported in future.

Add one to any debug value to trigger writing benchmark values to the file "bench". This gets stripped at startup; so all values used for other purposes are even.

Example: "fractint debug=8088" forces Fractint to think you have an 8088/8086 CPU and ignore all of the tricky 186/286/386-specific stuff. "Fractint 8089" does the same thing, but also turns on the benchmark timer.

16	video.asm	pretend not a vga
22	lorenz.c	force float for 3D perspective
50	fractint.c	compare [r]estored files
70	fractint.c	set fpu = 0
72	fractint.c	don't use fast >= 287 fpu routines
90	fractals.c	force "C" mandel & julia code (no calcmand or calmanfp)
90	fractals.c	force generic code for fn+fn etc types
90 	parser.c	force "C" parser code even if FPU >= 387
92 	parser.c	print out list of FRM files searched
94      parsera.asm     Use old buggy pwr()
94      mpmath_c.c      Use old buggy pwr()
100	calcmand.asm	force use of 'code32bit' logic
200	fractint.c	time encoder
322	parserfp.c	disable optimizer (FPU >= 387 only)
420	diskvid.c	don't use extended/expanded mem (force disk)
420	realdos.c	same for screen save (force disk)
420	editpal.c	same for screen save (force disk)
420	jiim.c	  	same for screen save (force disk)
422	diskvid.c	don't use expanded mem (force extended or disk)
422	realdos.c	same for screen save (force extended or disk)
450	fractint.c	abort in batch mode if savename exists
470	calcfract.c	disable prevention of color 0 for BTM
472	calcfract.c	enable solid guessing at bottom and right
600	printer.c	paintjet, no form feed
602	printer.c	paintjet, flip image
7nn     miscovl.c	set [b] getprec() digits variable to nn
750     miscovl.c	print out as many params digits as possible in PAR
870	fractint.c	set fpu to max 87
1010	fractals.c	force fp for newton & newtbasin (no mpc math)
1234	fractint.c	force larger integer arithmetic bitshift value
2222	line3d.c	show amount of extra seg memory used
2224	line3d.c	old just-the-dots logic, probably a temporary thing
2870	fractint.c	set fpu to max 287 iit off
2872	fractint.c	set fpu to max 287 iit on
3000	general.asm	'~' goes to color play mode
3002	realdos.c	don't show development in heading
3200    fracsubr.c      disable auto switch back from arbitrary precision
3400    fracsubr.c      disable auto switch from integer to float
3600    miscfrac.c      pins the plasma corners to 1
3870	fractint.c	set fpu to max 387 iit off
3872	fractint.c	set fpu to max 387 iit on
4000	miscres.c	turn on math error message (off otherwise)
8088	general.asm	set cpu = 86, ie dont use 32 bit stuff
8088	fractint.c	set cpu = 86, (case in general.asm is redundant?)
9002-9100 fractint.c	reduce video_type to (debug-9000)/2 if init was higher
10000	fractint.c	display cpu, fpu, and free memory at startup
10000	fractint.c	? (try extra hard for minimal startup memory?)

nonzero value, line3d.c, show "normal vector" errors instead of just fixing nonzero value, prompts.c, show info if fullscreen_prompt2 array invalid

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