Browser Parameters

This Screen enables you to control Fractints built in file browsing utility. If you don't know what that is see Browse Commands . This screen is selected with [Ctrl-B] from just about anywhere.


Select yes if you want the loaded image to be scanned for sub images immediately without pressing 'L' every time.

"Ask about GIF video mode"

Allows turning on and off the display of the video mode table when loading GIFs. This has the same effect as the askvideo= command.

"Type/Parm check"

Select whether the browser tests for fractal type or parms when deciding whether a file is a sub image of the current screen or not. DISABLE WITH CAUTION! or things could get confusing. These tests can be switched off to allow such situations as wishing to display old images that were generated using a formula type which is now implemented as a built in fractal type.

"Confirm deletes"

Set this to No if you get fed up with the double prompting that the browser gives when deleting a file. It won't get rid of the first prompt however.

"Smallest window"

This parameter determines how small the image would have to be onscreen before the browser decides not to include it in the selection of files. The size is entered in decimal pixels so, for instance, this could be set to 0.2 to allow images that are up to around three maximum zooms away (depending on the current video resolution) to be loaded instantly. Set this to 0 to enable all sub images to be detected. This can lead to a very cluttered screen! The primary use is in conjunction with the search file mask (see below) to allow location of high magnification images within an overall view (like the whole Mset ).

"Smallest box"

This determines when the image location is shown as crosshairs rather than a rather small box. Set this according to how good your eyesight is (probably worse than before you started staring at fractals all the time :-)) or the resolution of your screen. WARNING the crosshairs routine centers the cursor on one corner of the image box at the moment so this looks misleading if set too large.

"Search Mask"

Sets the file name pattern which the browser searches, this can be used to search out the location of a file by setting this to the filename and setting smallest image to 0 (see above).

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