Autokey Mode

The autokey feature allows you to set up beautiful self-running demo "loops". You can set up hypnotic sequences to attract people to a booth, to generate sequences for special effects, to teach how Fractal exploring is done, etc.

A sample autokey file (DEMO.KEY) and a batch to run it (DEMO.BAT) are included with Fractint. Type "demo" at the DOS prompt to run it.

Autokey record mode is enabled with the command line parameter "AUTOKEY=RECORD". Keystrokes are saved in an intelligible text format in a file called AUTO.KEY. You can change the file name with the "AUTOKEYNAME=" parameter.

Playback is enabled with the parameter "AUTOKEY=PLAY". Playback can be terminated by pressing the [Esc] key.

After using record mode to capture an autokey file, you'll probably want to touch it up using your editor before playing it back.

Separate lines are not necessary but you'll probably find it easier to understand an autokey file if you put each command on a separate line. Autokey files can contain the following:

Making Fractint demos can be tricky. Here are some suggestions which may help:

Warning: an autokey file built for this version of Fractint will probably require some retouching before it works with future releases of Fractint. We have no intention of making sure that the same sequence of keystrokes will have exactly the same effect from one version of Fractint to the next. That would require pretty much freezing Fractint development, and we just love to keep enhancing it!

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