Appendix B

Communication between the authors for development of the next version of Fractint takes place in a CompuServe (CIS) GO GRAPHICS GROUP (GGG) forum. This forum changes from time to time as the GGG grows. You can always find it using the CompuServe GO GRAPHICS command. Currently we are located in DIGART (Digital Arts) forum, Section 9 (Fractal Sources).

Most of the authors have never met except on CompuServe. Access to the DIGART forum is open to any and all interested in computer generated fractals. New members are always welcome! Stop on by if you have any questions or just want to take a peek at what's getting tossed into the soup. This is by far the best way to have your questions answered or participate in discussion. Also, you'll find many GIF image files generated by fellow Fractint fans and many fractal programs as well in the DIGART forum's data libraries 9 and 10.

If you're not a CompuServe subscriber, but wish to get more information about CompuServe and its graphics forums, feel free to call their 800 number (800-848-8199) and ask for operator number 229.

The following authors have agreed to the distribution of their addresses. Usenet/Internet/Bitnet/Whatevernet users can reach CIS users directly if they know the user ID.

Just remember that CIS charges by the minute, so it costs us a little bit to read a message -- don't kill us with kindness. And don't send all your mail to Bert -- spread it around a little! Postal addresses are listed below so that you have a way to send bug reports and ideas to the Stone Soup team.

Please understand that we receive a lot of mail, and because of the demands of volunteer work on Fractint as well as our professional responsibilities, we are generally unable to answer it all. Several of us have reached the point where we can't answer any conventional mail. We *do* read and enjoy all the mail we receive, however. If you need a reply, the best thing to do is use email, which we are generally able to answer, or better yet, leave a message in CompuServe's DIGART forum. Tim Wegner now runs a mailing list for fractint users to swap ideas and par data, you can subscribe by emailing with the line:

subscribe fractint
as the sole content of the message, you'll receive further instructions by return of email.

(This address list has been pruned of names of folks we haven't heard from in a while. If your name has been removed, and you'd like to be listed, just let us know and we'll add it back.)

Current main authors:

  Timothy Wegner
  4714 Rockwood 
  Houston, TX 77004                         

  Jonathan Osuch          [73277,1432] on CIS
  2110 Northview Drive
  Marion, IA  52302
  George Martin			[76440,1143] on CIS
  209 E. Liberty
  Milford, MI 48381

  Robin Bussell			[100604,643] on CIS
  13 Bayswater Rd
  Avon, England

Contributing authors' addresses (in alphabetic order).

  Prof Jm Collard-Richard

  Paul de Leeuw
  16 Sunset Street Wyoming, 
  New South Wales, 
  +61-2-4329-0870 (H)
  +61-2-8293-3055 (W)

  Sylvie Gallet           [101324,3444] on CIS
  Residence des Erables
  2 allee des Bouvreuils

  Lee H. Skinner          [75450,3631] on CIS
  P.O. Box 14944
  Albuquerque, NM  87191
  (505) 293-5723

  Bert Tyler
  Tyler Software
  124 Wooded Lane
  Villanova, PA 19085
  (610) 525-5478

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