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Welcome to the Spanky Fractal Database

This is a collection of fractals and fractal related material freely available on the Internet.   Most of the software was gathered from various FTP sites on the net, and it is generally freeware or shareware.   Please abide by the guidelines set down within the individual packages.

But first, before continuing, a small disclaimer.   This page points to an enormous amount of information and hardly any single person has the time to thoroughly check it all.   Most of the software has been tested when the resources were available, and papers read through when time permitted, but other than certifying that it is related to fractals, please do not assume any other responsibility from this site.   Thanks to everyone who has been in contact, pointing out new and interesting fractal material.   A response to everyone is attempted, but sometimes things just get too hectic or too disorganized.   Also, appreciation is in order for all your comments and criticisms, but please understand that it is impossible to impliment everything or reply to all.

A great deal of material is pointed to, but not at this site.   Consequently there is not much control of when this information or service is removed, or whether a notification is sent if the URL becomes invalid.   Indexes are checked periodically to see what is still valid, but it is not an automated process.   If you find externally pointed to URL's, which have become outdated and/or constantly fail to respond (over several days) on your attempts to load them, then please send an email of this problem and it will be either removed or repaired.

Mirrors of Spanky Fractal Database

Noel Giffin <> maintained the old, original site of this fractal database at for many years.   But, ever since around 2006, there have been long outages of this server, at times being down for months.   In the latter few years (2004-2009), it was mirrored at, but it was more of a download copy from the original, and never really kept in sync with Noel's server.   But this current version, which you are viewing now, was a copy from the original site in early 2009, and is now being updated and corrected on a more regular basis than the old site.

New PNG image format used

Years ago, Noel Giffin converted 98% of all the images at this sight to the newer (and free) Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) file format.   If your web browser is having problems displaying them, it may mean you have a really old browser version and need to update/upgrade (try using Firefox).   He apologised for any inconvenience, but the issue was being forced by the stance that Unisys had chosen, in regard to LZW patent issues and the use of GIF images on Web servers.   The small percentage of remaining GIF images probably use transparency and are kept to utilize that capability.   As they were created/modified with licensed software, he did not see this as a problem.   However, this is all irrelevent now, since the U.S. patent expired on June 20, 2003, the counterpart patents in the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Italy expired on June 18, 2004, the Japanese counterpart patents expired on June 20, 2004, and the counterpart Canadian patent expired on July 7, 2004.   I have been trying to put the original .GIF files back in place when I can find them, especially those created with FractInt.

Enjoy and discover !!!

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A Table of Fractal Information.

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