MBF Main Form

Mind-Boggling Fractals

MBF Main Form

Though Paul W. Carlson has stopped developing his program, and taken down his web site for it, he has now offered it to the public for FREE use.   The last distributed version was 2.5.0 (November 18, 2001), but occasionally copies are available from locations around the Internet.   I have had various files and the full download available at this web site for quite awhile now.

The program was designed to make exploring and experimenting as easy as possible.   The appearance of the main form changes depending on the type of image and what you are doing at the moment.   This ensures that only appropriate values can be changed and that only appropriate buttons can be clicked.   The controls discussed are not difficult - you could determine how they work with just a little experimentation.   MBF supports two different locations for most of the controls on the form, one with the controls below the Picture Box, and one with the controls above the Picture Box.

MBF Main Form


The basic application, with a setup installation, may be obtained by downloading the following .ZIP file:   MBF 2.5.0 (approx. 2.84-MB).   It contains tutorials, example parameters, several image files, and the required support files.

A "lite" version is also available:   MBF Lite 2.3.0   (1.83-MB).

Many past users of the MBF generator have created their own formulas/equations, and/or converted existing ones from other fractal software programs.   These have been combined into a special download available at the following:   User Equations (2.48-KB).

Several image collections are also available for download:

The saved output .PNG images contain the parameter values for further exploring each fractal.   They work very similar to the way saved .GIF images from FractInt have the included parameter information.   So grabbing the collections of image files will allow you to see and alter the values of those particular graphics.

If you have a high-speed Internet connection, and wish to acquire everything in one large .ZIP file, here is the download for that collection:   MBF Fractals Complete (approx. 75.5-MB).

And if you have interest in a plane-filling fractal curves plotter, try out FraCurve, also written by Paul Carlson.