FractInt Formula (FRM) OrgForm Compilation

This is the webpage for obtaining the most updated collection of FractInt formulae that is publicly available anywhere on the Internet.

The original compilation of various formulae was accomplished by George Martin many years ago.   In fact, that is how George first became known to FractInt users, when he brought a modicum of order to the chaotic world of formula postings with his release of the OrgForm program and the formula compilation.   George's last update to both program and collection was made back in October 1999, and still may be found within the Spanky Database files.   But it only contains about 8,000+ FractInt formulae (all alphabetically sequenced), along with the "Orgform" software to maintain your collection.

Since that time, I have been maintaining the collection by adding in various sub-collections, usually grouped by a specific formula writer's name.   And the size has more than doubled over the years, to what is now approximately a 1.57-MB (1,647,755 bytes) ZIP file.   So to keep current, please check this webpage every few months for the latest additions, for I will continue to make the download available.   You will need to rely on this webpage, for the following link will not always be to the same location:
If you have any problems and/or concerns, please send a private email so that they may be addressed as quickly as possible.   Or if you have your own additions that you would like to be added, then please let me know through the same method.   And thank you for visiting.

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