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Nahee Enterprises


Nahee Enterprises first started out as a single individual during the Fall of 1969.   It was a single person that did Technical Illustration, Drafting and Graphics Arts as a side job between going to college full-time and working full-time.   He did electrical blueprints for an elevator company, artwork for the college and a local "head shop", and various other endeavors until 1973.

In early 1974, while working as a contract Illustrator/Artist, his talents became somewhat known and requested.   His work (including company logos) had been seen and used by several companies and organizations.   By the beginning of 1975, work had progressed to the point of needing additional individuals to help with the load.   And the organization of Nahee Enterprises became official.

Around this same time period, Nahee Enterprises also entered into the area of Computer Operations and Programming.   All computer work during that time period was for companies with mainframes running IBM operating systems (DOS, OS, MVS and VM).   And the organization became quite versatile in it's abilities.   Nowadays, we handle just about any form of computer, programming language, or processing technique.   Nahee Enterprises has become quite adept in the field of database design and data access.


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