Fractals at Nahee Enterprises Website

All of the graphics within this site do not display any "titles" for their images.   The image's actual file name is what will be used in lieu of a title name.   Though if you find an image that inspires a particular name, description, and/or title, then you are welcome to send those thoughts by email.

For those interested in any of the images within this website, whether for personal, non-profit, business, publication, or whatever use, then send an email to me and I will either make available the image/s you desire in the size and format requested, or write back with details on what may be involved in acquiring said image/s.   Printed posters can also be shipped for a reasonable price, and are produced with a high-end commercial ink jet printer, using oil based, UV resistant inks, on heavy, high quality paper.   A typical poster size of 24-inches by 18-inches at 300-DPI would normally run around $55.00 US dollars, which includes shipping and handling within the continental USA (pricing increases for other areas, depending on shipping charges).

If you find something that is unclear and requires further explanation, or worse still, in those rare situations where an error is present, an email notification would be most appreciated.


There are several sub-directories where images have been grouped according to the fractal generator used during their creation.   Some of these are available to the public through this webpage portal, others require specific URLs (and in some cases authorization).   So choose the area you wish to explore and enjoy what has been offered for your viewing and learning pleasure.

FractInt Kai's Power Tools Tiera-Zon UltraFractal
ChaosPro XenoDream QuaSZ FraSZle

But please bear in mind, this fractal site is not meant to be a work of art, and is being modified here and there on a somewhat irregular basis.   There may even be no HTML pages at all in some of the directories, just the files in a listing type format.