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This is only one of the various sub-directories within the whole Fractals website, where many more images and topics may be found.   If you find something that is unclear and requires further explanation, or worse still, in those rare situations where an error is present, an email notification would be most appreciated.


I had first tried out UltraFractal back in early 1997 when Version 1.0 was released as shareware.   It was still pretty rough back then, and only supported a small fraction of the current abilities.   Then in the Summer of 1998, I joined the Beta Testing group which was working on Version 2.0 (only a couple of my suggestions finally made it into the product).   If it had not been for version 2's inclusion of reading and using FractInt files:  formulae (.FRM), parameters (.PAR), and palettes (.MAP), the program would probably have never taken off like it finally did.

Anyway, I still play with the program every now and then to keep up-to-date with it's capabilities.   And most of these images were experiments in seeing what various settings, functions, colors, etc. would do.   So just click one of the following categories in which the images have been grouped:

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