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All of these images are based upon what is known as a quaternion, and in this case they are all Julias, with a few being 'complexified'.   These images are some of the first ones I created after getting the initial release of QuaSZ (version 1.0) at the beginning of 2001.   And I continue to use this program for a lot of my explorations into various fractal types.

Anyway, click the images below to see a larger size image from these displayed 'thumbnail' examples.   Some of these have larger versions available, the largest usually being the original, and the others are just down-sized copies.   I will have links below each image to see different sizes, when there are separate choices to be made.   If nothing is there, then those larger formats (which can be as much as 3.5-MB in size) do not exist.

(OBJ Bryced)
1024x768 size
1600x1200 size
1024x768 size
1600x1200 size
(OBJ Bryced)
Image10 Image10-1 Image11
Image12 Image13 Image14 Image15
1024x768 size

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QuaSZ Beta Tester
QuaSZ Beta Tester

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