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Here are some of the images I have created, when I first started using FractInt well over a decade ago, all the way up to the present date.   Many of these were experiments in seeing what various parameter settings, functions, colors, etc. would do.   So just click one of the following categories in which the images have been grouped:

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Various Files

Here are some items that may be useful for those using FractInt.   For example, the ORGFORM Collection contains the most updated collection of FractInt formulae (.FRM files) that is publicly available anywhere on the Internet.   Or maybe a Micorsoft Word document of the FractInt manual, all 230+ pages.   And an example of how one may wish to establish setting up the Configuration File used by FractInt.

ORGFORM Colletion FractInt Manual SSTOOLS.INI

Hans-Joachim Metzger PAR Collection (7.31-MB) Roger Kaufman Fractint Collection (8.92-MB) Paul N. Lee PAR Collection (7.19-MB)

FractInt '97 Contest .PAR FractArt '98 Contest .PAR Some Other .PARs

Collection of .MAP files Collection of .L files Collection of .IFS files

Collection of Old Executables and Source Codes
(versions 2.1.00 thru 19.6.00)
and Most Current Developer's Version
(which was 20.4.13)