Fractal of the Day
by Jim Muth

Gothic ©
Jim Muth's fractal image in GIF format (640x480).

FOTD -- April 23, 1997

Fractal visionaries:

Today's fractal is actually part of the four-dimensional hyper-complex version of the Mandelbrot set.   The formula is not my own; I merely added a couple variable parameters to a formula already in FRACTINT.FRM.   But the resulting image is most unusual and eye-catching, and well worth the hour it takes to run on a 486 100mhz machine.   For those who would like to see the image without tying up their machines, it is posted to ABPF (

The image might add some fuel to the anti-aliasing debate.

Jim Muth

START FORMULA FILE==============================================

Gothic           {; Jim Muth
  ; A variation of Chris Green's HyperMandel
  |a|+|b| <= 100

END FORMULA FILE================================================

START PAR FILE==================================================

Gothic             {
  reset=1950 type=formula formulafile=gothic.frm formulaname=gothic
  passes=1 float=y inside=0 logmap=yes periodicity=0 symmetry=xaxis
  params=0/0/20/0/1e-035/0 bailout=100 maxiter=4500

END PAR FILE====================================================

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