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FOTD -- July 29, 2010   (Rating 7)

Fractal visionaries and enthusiasts:

The warhorse Mandelbrot set came through again on Wednesday, when I needed a fractal in a hurry.   On a whim I checked the period-10 radical on the southeast shore line of the main bay.   This is where the East Valley elephants are just starting to take shape, which explains the name "In a Half-Elephant".

Searching deep in a remote spiral, I found today's minibrot.   I brought the scene to life by rendering it with the outside set to 'tdis'.   This option raises the calculation time from 5 seconds to 7 minutes, but the result is worth the wait.   The image is something rather new from the M-set.

The rating of a 7 shows that I consider the image a rather unexpected one to come from the familiar M-set.   The calculation time may be cut from 7 minutes to 5 seconds by changing the 'outside' from 'tdis' to 'iter', but doing this misses all the fun.

The finished image is available as usual on the FOTD web site at:
The heat and humidity returned to Fractal Central on Wednesday, when the temperature reached 93F 34C and the fractal cats took up residence on the cool tile floor in the kitchen.

My day was very busy but reasonably under control.   The next FOTD will be posted in 24 hours.   Until then, take care, and be a live wire, but don't ever touch one.

Jim Muth

START PARAMETER FILE=======================================

In_a_Half-Elephant  { ; time=0:06:59.06-SF5 on P4-2000
  reset=2004 type=mandel float=y inside=0 outside=tdis bailout=9
  011/1/23.7/0 maxiter=15000 periodicity=6 mathtolerance=0.05/1
  a7qb89w4vc7sb9qaBo`PwnOwn }

END PARAMETER FILE=========================================

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