Fractal of the Day
by Jim Muth

Least Likely Fractal ©
Jim Muth's fractal image in GIF format (640x480).

FOTD -- June 13, 2010   (Rating 6)

Fractal visionaries and enthusiasts:

Today's image takes us back to the tiny parent fractal of the FOTD image for June 7, where we check into a valley in the degenerate bud on the northeast shore line of the main bay.

Like the minibrots in that image of 6 days ago, the order of the minibrot at the center of today's image is ambiguous.   At first glance, the elements around the minibrot appear to be arranged in the expected quadratic 2,4,8... series, but the image is filled with discontinuities, which totally confuse things.

The rating of a 6 means I consider the image to be just a little above FOTD average.   The name "Least Likely Fractal" means nothing at all, since it gives no hint of what the fractal is least likely to be.

The calculation time of 10-1/2 minutes is somewhat slow by FOTD standards, but the wait may be avoided by viewing the finished image on the FOTD web site at:
Things turned a bit too warm here at Fractal Central on Saturday, as the temperature reached 91F 33C.   The fractal cats ignored the heat and passed the day on the cool floor in the kitchen.   My day was another uneventful one.   The next FOTD will be posted in 24 hours.   Until then, take care, and keep cool.

Jim Muth

START PARAMETER FILE=======================================

LeastLikelyFractal  { ; time=0:10:37.74-SF5 on P4-2000
  reset=2004 type=formula formulafile=basicer.frm maxiter=22500
  formulaname=FinDivBrot-2 function=recip float=y periodicity=6
  012/1/-150/0 passes=1 inside=0 logmap=960 mathtolerance=0.05/1
  zNmzNmzOmzPmzPmzMmzKmzkmz }

frm:FinDivBrot-2      { ; Jim Muth
  z=(0,0), c=pixel, a=-(real(p1)-2),
  esc=(real(p2)+16), b=imag(p1):
  |z| < esc }

END PARAMETER FILE=========================================

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