Fractal Census

The following data is retrieved from a database of considerable information about individuals involved with fractals from around the world.   The majority of these people are within the more recreational "artistic" arena, as opposed to a more mathematical or scientific interest.   Much of this database is derived from the extensive collection of links and archived information obtained since late 1994.   The last full census for data was taken in March 2000 (but has been periodically updated ever since), and contains four times more categories than the six which are made available here.   So if you need to know something in particular (mailing addresses, telephone numbers, etc.), please send an email request with your specifics.   Also, if you see that a modification is required, or you wish to be added, please notify with the same email request*.

In most cases, the parenthesis "( )" in the Names section denotes something other than the given name (which that individual has used in public), a nickname or pseudonym.   The Quantity values represent total fractal programs in use and/or tried.   And the plus-sign "+" used with Quantity values, suggests other generators used and/or tried (when not knowing the correct count).

Since there are now well over 4,350 entries in the full database (with less than one percent not listed here), please choose from the alphabet ranges in the section below (the sort order is based upon first name, or pseudonym).   Those not using real names will be listed at the end under the Nameless section.

Many statistical reports may be produced from this data, and three of those are available here:
Count of separate individuals by Country
Count of each individual as to their Most Used program
Count of each individual as to the various programs Tried and/or in Use

* Since I am usually very busy doing other "real world" tasks during the week, updates are only made on weekends (when time permits).

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The French version of the magazine "Pixel" (62nd issue) has an article on page 67 about fractals, which references the "Fractal Census" web page as a site to visit for pertinent information.
PIXEL Mag#62